Our hotel’s wellness services are complemented by the treatments offered by our highly qualified massage therapists. 

Massage services are available by making an appointment at the Reception (+36 30 515 4440).

Our massage services can be paid only directly to the massage therapists. Thank you for your understanding!


The prices are available from 1 of June 2019:

  • Warm Chocolate wrap , 80 min: 13 300 HUF
  • Exfoliating massage, 60 min: 10 800 HUF
  • Lava stone massage, 60 min: 10 800 HUF
  • Deluxe lava stone massage, 80 min: 13 300 HUF
  • Relaxing full body massage, 60 min: 9 800 HUF
  • Stress relieving massage, 40 min: 7 300 HUF
  • Back massage, 30 min: 5 800 HUF
  • Foot massage, 30 min: 5 800 HUF
  • Face and Decolletage massage, 30 min: 4 800 HUF
  • Couple teaching massage 60 min: 8 800 HUF
  • Prenatal massage, 60 min: 10 800 HUF
  • Child massage, 25 min: 4 800 HUF
  • Orange massage, 40 min: 7 300 HUF


The prices are available from 1 of June 2022.

masszázsUltimate relaxation and indulging stress relief. We remove the dead skin cells with a body brush then cover your whole body with the finest melted Belgian dark chocolate. While the chocolate softens, hydrates, revitalizes and rejuvenates your skin, a relaxing scalp massage will relax you mentally and your soul will be enlightened as the chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, the „happy hormones”. To crown your experience, we finish the treatment with a relaxing back massage.

WELLNESS_Masszázs szolgáltatások_2We scrub the body with a choice of salt or sugar to remove the dead skin cells. It will stimulate blood circulation, improve cell renewal and leave the skin feeling silky soft. Then we give you a heavenly 25 minutes back massage to relieve physical and mental stress.

We place the heated, smooth volcanic stones on key energy points to harmonize the spirit and start the energy flow in your body, then warm up the muscles with the stones before we massage them thoroughly. The therapeutic heat of the stones increases circulation and releases stored tension from within the muscular tissues. This deep heat therapy balances the spirit and nurtures you to complete and total relaxation.

WELLNESS_Masszázs szolgáltatások_3The spicy and sensual aromas of the Orient with Thai massage and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage moves are added to your relaxing hot stone massage experience that sooths your body and your soul. The firm rhythmic massage sequence, mimicking the strong but steady stream of flowing water and the stones that give up their power and warmth to tired and tensed muscles take you to the state of complete inner peace and tranquillity.

This physically and emotionally relaxing but firm massage will loosen up the knots in your muscles and work your body through from top to bottom.

This refreshing and relaxing massage will release tension in the muscles of your back and legs.

We will concentrate on the problematic areas of your neck, shoulders and lower back during this back massage.

Stimulating the points of the Thai and western reflexology this massage will relax your tired legs and it is very beneficial for the whole body.

We will massage your face, decollate, shoulders and scalp with soft movements. This will deeply relax your nerves system, refreshes and smoothen out the fine lines and wrinkles caused by stress.


We teach couples and friends how to give a relaxing, pampering back massage to each other.

masszazsAs you are expecting you can feel tired and your limbs can ache, or back pain or just a headache. With this massage specially for pregnant ladies, these problems are the target to minimize the pain and relax the muscles. 

masszázs narancs

Relaxing massage that provides aromatherapy as well. It rejuvenates the skin, makes it hydrated. Further, thanks for the orange- cinnamon fragrance it also helps to reach a good, satisfied mood.


"Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant; food as necessary as minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Deprived of this food, the name of which is love, Babies would rather die. And often they do." - Frederick Leboyer (french obstetrician).

This is a low intensity and soft massage technique has beneficial effects on physical and emotional condition of the child. It helps the functioning of the immune, nerve, and circulatory system, furthermore it has a positive effect on the bones and the digestive system.

It is especially soothing and we also give some sweetness for children as a gift. The massage is available under the age of 12!


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