Wellness services

Our Wellness Center offers the following services to you:

7. Tó Wellness Hotel - wellnessOur indoor pools are heated to 33 C°. They have the following features: counter-current jets, stand-up massage, Jacuzzi with back and waist massage, neck shower, and current channel. 





 Indoor swimming pool

úszómedence_Our 10 x 4 metres indoor swimming pool is heated to 26 ˚C. Depth of water: 150 cm.






 Outdoor pool with adventure elements

Tó Wellness Hotel_PhotoEifert_62Our outdoor pool heated to 29 C° rising above Lake Bánk, features the following elements: neck showers, effervescent bed, Jacuzzi with waist massage.  You can reach the outdoor pool by swimming out from the indoor pools. 
The outdoor pool is closed in winter.





Tó Wellness Hotel_PhotoEifert_09Our guests may enjoy the wonderful view of Lake Bánk from our 37 C° 6-person Jacuzzi.






Kneipp tread basin

Walking around on rocks alternatively in cold water and in hot water may improve blood circulation in the soles of your feet and prevent the development of varicose veins.

Light therapy

fényterápiaAccording to research (and experience), the energy sources inherent in colours have an impact on us in the form of light waves. Thus, light therapy or chromo therapy may produce its beneficial effects in our brain with the help of our eyes, whether used for preventing physical or mental illnesses or as a complementary therapy.




 Saltwater hot tub

sojacuzziOur saltwater hot tub provides a bathing experience in a chemical-free 26% percent saline solution in a tub equipped with the required number of jets. In contrast to a normal bath, a saltwater hot tub does not remove the moisture content of your skin, because the dissolved salt is deposited in the skin and owing to its water-binding capacity it maintains the natural protective layer of skin. For this reason, it is beneficial even for dry skin.
The detoxifying effects of a 30-minute bath in saltwater may equal a three-day fasting cure. Using the saltwater hot tub also adds to the de-acidifiatcion of the body to get back the balanced and natural pH-level of the skin. 


The healing effects of aromatic materials have already been known and used by the ancient Egyptians. Aromatherapy has re-discovered and been successfully using this gift of the flora in the form of essential oils extracted from roots, leaves, flowers, resin or bark. (One of the most expensive essential oils is rose oil. In order to get half a kilogram of oil as many as 1 ton of petals is needed!) While relaxing at a comfortable temperature and humidity level in the aromatherapy cabin you can enjoy the proven healing effects of such essential oils. The aromatic vapours produce their effects not only through your nose, but you also "inhale” them through the pores of your skin. Essential oils provide many benefits for your body and mind, in terms of relaxation, invigoration, cramp relief or germ fighting.

Organic sauna

This is a less exhausting version of sauna, also called as a gentle bath. Here, temperature is lower (45-80 °C) and humidity is higher than in a Finnish sauna. For maximum benefits, the time to be spent in the cabin (45-60 minutes) is also much longer. The effects of this sauna may be further enhanced by also applying light therapy and/or aromatherapy.
Potential benefits include detoxification, stress relief, increased metabolism, skin purification, enhanced immune system, muscle relaxation, protection against infections.

Hay sauna with infrared light

The vegetable active substances released from the hay as a result of infrared rays and the essential oils of flowers provide instant relaxation, relieve painful muscle spasm and stimulate detoxification through the skin. Bringing about light sweating, hay sauna provides gentle cleansing and detoxification to the body. Thus, it is a great option for everyone not being able to enjoy regular sauna or steam bath for any health reasons. It is also ideal as a complement to dieting, as in addition to toxins sweating also induces the release of extra calories, while maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Similarly, to regular sauna and steam bath, blood circulation is also enhanced thanks to the heat effect.
It is a great immune booster, thus one hay sauna session or two during the winter may as well help you avoid getting the flu. In certain regions hay sauna is regarded as a remedy for lumbago, rheumatism and all kinds of locomotor disorders. Owing to the fragrances released from hay it provides an effective solution for stress relief.

Outdoor panorama sauna:

kültéri panoráma szaunaUnique relaxation and beautiful view wait for you in our special outdoor sauna.

Opening hours in autumn, winter and spring season (permanently below 10 ° C)

Please, ask the recepcion.



 Finnish sauna with ice fountain:

???????????????Sauna is also called the temple of health. The traditional Finnish sauna boosts the immune system by heating air as hot as 85-90 C°. Thus, it enhances metabolism and detoxification, improves circulation, relaxes the muscles, and has a soothing effect on your mind.







 Infrared sauna

+36-30/966-3433Unlike the Finnish sauna, the infrared sauna emits infrared radiant heat that is absorbed into the human body as deep as 4-6 mm under the skin. Here, it helps release toxins and wastes built up under the skin and eliminate them from the body through the sweat glands. This type of sauna is widely used in sports for muscle injuries.
Infrared sauna increases metabolism, limits the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses, and stimulates healthy body parts and organs to increased activity. The 45-50 C° hot infrared sauna improves circulation, promotes detoxification, lowers susceptibility to cellulites, and boosts the immune system.



 Steam bath

+36-30/966-3433Vapor and hot air clean the airways, soothes the nerve system, strengthens the immune system, and makes skin more flexible. Here, temperature is 40-45 C° with a humidity level reaching as high as 100%.








+36-30/966-3433This is a relaxation area heated to 37-38 C° where the warm temperature is provided by the heated benches. The calming effect of the colour blue, the nice background music, and the aromatherapy all add to your relaxation and spiritual renewal.








??????????????????Our fitness room is located in the hotel’s basement where you can use various workout equipment (treadmill and power rack/cardio machine combo).

  • No one under the age of 12 is permitted to enter. 
  • Please refrain from entering the fitness room in wet clothes. 
  • Use the equipment at your own risk. 
  • Please wear appropriate attire and footwear in the room.



Hydro Massage

hidromasszázskádYou can enjoy the combined effects of hydro massage and soothing light therapy in our Caracalla hydro massage bath tub. During hydro massage the right combination of water and air is used to increase blood circulation.

The treatment stimulates soft tissues, increases blood and lymph circulation, thus boosting metabolism and contributing to the body’s detoxification process. Due to its effects on the lymphatic system it strengthens the immune system. It relieves tension caused by stress, while revitalizing and relaxing the muscles. The vibrations in the water penetrate the connective tissues, thus helping the regeneration of the skin. In addition, it has analgesic effects. Treatment is always personalized as the body’s condition is also different from person to person. Try hydro massage with your partner in this intimate setting to guarantee your well-being.

The service is available by making an appointment at the Reception.

Relax Infra cabin (Alpha machine)

Body shaping, weight loss, detoxification, treatment of joints and rheumatic problems with the latest Relax machine that combines the beneficial effects of massage, infrared sauna, and aromatherapy. During the treatment you lie comfortably on an indulging massage bed covered with sterile foil while listening to pleasant relaxing music. You don’t have to suffer from the heat as your head is outside the cabin. The effectiveness of aromatherapy used in the machine is due to carefully selected essential oils. Please make an appointment at the Reception!

 Standing solarium

Our state-of-the-art high-performance standing solarium is operated with tokens available at the Reception.
Please make an appointment at the Reception!

Massage roll

Our machine is perfectly suited for preventing and treating cellulitis, body shaping, warm-up, muscle relaxation, treatment of joints problems, and fat burning. Our massage roll guarantees your well-being from head to toe. Please make an appointment at the Reception!

Salt Cabin

sószoba_Our salt cabin is perfectly suited for family activities (board games, chess, “salt sandbox”) or relaxation while you let the salt do its job.
Salt therapy is recommended for the treatment of a number of respiratory and other illnesses, yet its preventive role is also significant. Using salt therapy healthy patients may increase their physical capacity and boost their immune system to become more resistant to illnesses and infections. Lung cleansing is recommended for athletes, smokers, and all urban residents exposed to smog.
In cases of respiratory complaints it cures all diseases of the respiratory tract (asthma, infectious asthma, allergic infectious asthma, acute or asthmatic bronchitis, tonsillitis and recurrent inflammations of the palatine tonsils, emphysema, respiratory failure, rachitic, chest anomalies or treatment following lung surgery). It restores the physiological characteristics and the microflora of the respiratory organs. It boosts the immune system and improves the physical capacity of the patient. Effective for asthma, infectious asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, treatment following lung surgery, tracheitis, tonsillitis, pharyngeal polyp, frontal and maxillary sinusitis, breathing difficulty, etc.
It is not permitted to enter the salt cabin in wet clothes or street shoes. Please take comfortable clothing and a second pair of rubber slippers with you..
The salt cabin is to be used according to your health condition and at your own risk.

Salt therapy is contraindicated in any of the following conditions:

  • Severe form of bronchial asthma with frequent choking attacks 
  • Express steroid addiction 
  • Severe emphysema  
  • Other purulent diseases of the lungs 
  • Tuberculosis of any form and stage
  • Infectious diseases 
  • Untreated cardiovascular diseases 
  • Weakness and poor general condition 
  • Breathing difficulty while at rest.

Please make an appointment at the Reception!



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