Wellness Voucher

Wellness Voucher


Wellness ajándékutalványPampering Wellness Surprise for Everyone!

Our vouchers are valid for 2 persons, for 3-hours-stay in our wellness center, with an elegant print design.

Price: 11.600 HUF / 2 persons

MORE INFORMATIONS: +36 30 515 4440 | info@towellnesshotel.hu 


Conditions of use:


The wellness vouchers can be used once, they allow owner to use the Wellness Center in Tó Hotel with 2 persons, for 3 hours.

The vouchers are prepared without any names on them, they are transferable.

Please give the voucher to our colleagues at the reception upon arrival! Unless we can not enforce it.

The voucher can not be changed for cash, we can not refund money from them, even in that case when the whole value of the voucher will not be used, only a part of it.

The vouchers can be used for the services which are stated on it (3 hours entrance for the wellness center), only for one occasion, until the indicated deadline, on the stated periods.

You can use the voucher only for one occasion, we can not divide it for different days.

After the voucher expire, it will be invalid, we can not prolong the fix deadline for use.

Thank you for your understanding, we wish you a pleasant relaxation for that time you use our wellness vouchers!




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